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In 2015, modeling legislation from California, a Texas legislator filed an oppressive vaccine Mandate bill for school age children that would strip parents of their freedom to informed consent and vaccine choice for their children. Mother of three, Jackie Schlegel quickly acted and organized other passionate moms to make their voices heard. Through grassroots activism that group under the leadership of Jackie, successfully defeated the vaccine mandate bill and 15 other bills filed that would have infringed on the rights of Texans to informed consent, medical privacy and Vaccine Choice. For the last 6 years, Jackie has become one of the states most influential advocates for medical freedom, drawing national attention for her political efforts that include unseating the representative responsible for the attempts that started the wave of vaccine mandate legislation in Texas. In 2021 Jackie led the efforts to advance parental rights with a parental medical protections bill and the efforts to BAN vaccine passports. Thanks to Jackie’s endless energy and passion, the medical freedom community has gained recognizable momentum into our communities and state legislature. Her unshakable determination inspires us all in the fight for informed consent, medical privacy, and vaccine freedom of choice.

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Texans for Vaccine Freedom

Freedom of vaccine choice is a fundamental principle of liberty loving Texans. Through educational resources Texans for Vaccine Freedom leads the way in empowering our state to advocate and educate in an effective way that leads to long-standing reasonable reform. Moving forward, our goal is to continue to represent our diverse supporters, who share our values with dignity and respect, empowering individuals to become politically involved, ensuring that our freedom of choice remains a right that is free of consequence or interference from government or bureaucracy.

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